Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ho Ho HO... and all that jazz!!

Before you settle in for your long winter nap.... we at makeshift wanted to give you a little holiday note.

We wrapped up our prime time show for this season, FIRST NIGHT, and what a wonderful show it was. We want to thank all the folks who cam out that last weekend in spite of the back to back snow storms. It was CRAZY! A little over 2 feet on snow before it was done. Mr. Rhodes even got towed, thanks Cambridge, he was my RIDE!!! Some time you just get smited by the weather gods.

HANSEL & GRETEL is next up this season, and the casting is complete!!! Auditions were 2 weeks ago and I usually post it ASAP, but we were in the middle of FIRST NIGHT... and now I am gonna leave you hanging a bit longer and post the casting after the holidays. hahahaha

As for me... my Mom is making some hotchoclate and I am settling in for some holiday game playing, I am hoping for Gears of War from Santa!!! My XBOX 360 is my best friend. You can find me online at XBOX live as Call Me Nero!!

In the mean time we here in the Makeshift Offices are playing with the office wii and drinking the last of the Nog, and wishing you a very...

From the cast and crew of Makeshift Theatre Co.!

and here is a little gem to get you through to the new year!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

let it snow....

Sad news here tonight folks, we are expecting a foot of snow before the night si over so we have cancelled tonight's performance of FIRST NIGHT!

Once again, tonights performance of FIRST NIGHT is cancelled due to a freaking boat load of fluffly white stuff. :(

That leave us with just 2 more performances and we really want audiences in the double didgets!!! So join us tomorrow and sunday!!!

In the mena time build a fire and grab some coco, and bundle up with someone you find cozy and enjoy the first storm of the winter!!

Happy Life day!!!


Friday, December 05, 2008


I hope every one is a fabu Holiday season!! We at Makeshift types are trimming the tree drinking the nog and getting ready for our holiday offering!!! If you can't take any more Scrooge and the Nut Cracker is driving you nuts then we have something just a little different for you!!! Our own little holiday show!! Come celebrate the holidays and romance with our production of FIRST NIGHT, written & directed by Jack Neary. Heck, Mr. Rhodes is even in this one... and Maggie Nicholas is awesome. So if you need a night away from shopping come spend an evening with us! We promise you will not regret it, and at 15 dollars you won't find a better deal this side of black Friday!!

Also we I would like to know what your favorite holiday movie is... so reply to this or you can email me at and let me know. I will post the results before Christmas and we will announce them at the show!!!

I personally have a video game list a MILE long for Santa Clause this year!!! Odd thing is most of the games have "death" in the title, which does not go very well with the idea of peace on earth good will to men.....?? Hmmm... Don't judge me Mr. Claus.

See you all at the show!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Moving right along...

Hi there friends and neighbors and Makehift addicts!!!

Your trusty intern NERO here today. I have 2 bits of news for you on the Makeshift front, but first I have to say that Fallout 3 is the most addictive thing ever. I played the first 2 pc games and had a blast, but now Mr. Rhodes has a 360 and he showed me Fallout 3 on that system. Now I had my doubts, but those were blown out of the water... I have to go out and get this, so Mr. rhodes will stop kicking me out of his house late at night... all my WoW friends have been womdering where I ahve been... Wandering the capitol wastes my friends. Also the WoW expansion pack is out now... so much nerdage, so little time.

Okay, Makeshift news. First: The FIRST NIGHT poster is off the drawing board and making the rounds!!! Another great showing by K. Boucher!!! Take a look bellow!

Second: I know we are still weeks away for FIRST NIGHT, but we have already announced audition for HANSEL & GRETEL!! It will be directed by Caitlin Stewart-Swift, who assisted on ALICE IN WOMDERLAND! This is a first for us as we will be auditioning kids for the title roles!!! I bought some mace, so bring on the stage moms! See the announcemnet bellow!!


By Jack Neary.

Directed by Caitlin Stewart-Swift

Auditions will be held on December 15th & 16th from 7-10pm.
Performance dates: Feb: 7, 14, 15, 21, 28 / Mar: 7

Hansel: This part can either be played by a child, or a young looking adult. Hansel is strong, optimistic, smart and positive. The big brother. He is a rock for his sister, possible a younger and slightly more intelligent version of his father. Hansel is the classic strong, intelligent young hero.
Gretel: Gretel will be either played by a child, or young looking actor. Although she is the little sister and going through a scary situation, Gretel finds comfort and strength from the love of her brother and the trust she places in him. Gretel is the classic sweet little girl of fairy tales.

Father: Loving family man. A bit beaten down by life and life's current circumstances, but still positive and loving, determined to prevail, completely unselfish (the opposite of his sister "Aunt").

Aunt: A witch in the making. Very self centered, extremely different from her brother(the father) no sense of family and family love, hates sharing her brother with his family. This woman is really all business and cold.

Witch/Granny: The villain, a witch in granny's clothing. Very intelligent, slight temper, the brains of the operation in regards to the pie making business.

Stench & Rollo: A comedic duo, or bumbling fools and foolery, and unreliable henchmen for granny. Opportunity for physical humor and moments of great comedic timing.

The auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.

To schedule a time please submit a head shot and resume to Vin Morreale, Company Manager at

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I know dear readers, I know... I promised you pictures, but Vix the photog Vixen is still working on them to make them the best they can be. I will send along a few soon as they are ready and NOT before!!! You can not rush an artist like the vixen.


We are into our first week of rehearsals for FIRST NIGHT! There is a flurry of activity in the Makeshift Offices for this show that the Boston Globe called "a riff of magic..." We are excited that Jack Neary is directing!! Everybody should come and see if Mr. Rhodes can still act. There is a pool going around to see of he drops lines like they are hot!!!

Thanks to all of you who came out for PUSS in BOOTS! We will have auditions for Hansel & Gretel coming in December, that information will be posted around by the end of this week or early next!!!
ROCK! makeshift in full effect!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Hey everybody!

I took an extended vacation and I am sorry for the late notice. My mother just told me to grab a bag and go, i didn't even pack my PSP.

But Now I am back on the job just in time for Halloween!!! WWWWooooooOOOooooo SPOOKY!!

Speaking of PUSS IN BOOT is Currently playing at the Coolidge Corner Theatre and our 4th Annual Halloween costume contest will be this Saturday!!! Can you feel the excitement!!! There will be fun and prizes to give away, so grab a spooky costume and head on down, it the last weekend for PUSS IN BOOTS!!!

We also have auditions for our winter Prim Time show coming up!! FIRST NIGHT by Jack Neary. The big new is that Mr. Neary will be directing this production!!!! How cool is that!!

They are looking for the role of Meridith and the auditions will notices will be coming out soon!!

In the mean time I better go start putting things away and straighting out the filing system, since Mr. Rhodes got that xbox for his birthday, nothing gets done.

See you all soon! I will have costume contest pics next week!!!

~Nero (Back on the job!)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Makeshift Theatre Co Announces auditions for the first show of it's 08/09 season
Written by Noah Smith
Driected by Jonathan Ovebry
Audition will be August 25 & 26 @ 7PM
725 Comm. Ave on the BU Campus
Audition will consist of cold reading form the script. Please bring a resume, head shot and/or current picture.
As always for our family shows we are looking for a bigger/faster/funnier style of humor. Marx Brothers meets Mel Brooks.
Performances will be Saturday mornings in October at The Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline @ 10:30am Contact Artistic Director Andrew Rhodes ( to schedule an audition time.
When young Guy discovers that his inheritance consists only of a cat and a pair of boots, he is highly distressed, until he gets to know the cat. Saucy and one-if-a-kind, Boots the cat vows to help Guy achieve his goal of marrying the beautiful princess from next door. Boots also helps free the town from the clutches of Ugolin, an evil ogre who has magical powers to turn himself or others into any animal he chooses. Guy and Boots trick the king and queen into thinking Guy is the "Marquis of Carabas" and also trick the ogre into turning himself into an insect who meets an abrupt end, courtesy of Boot's boot. Boy gets girl, the town is freed, magical spells are broken, and much fun is had along the way.

CHARACTERS:King - Male, 20's - ?, genuinely misguided, slow on the uptake, very sweet and sincere, likes to laugh
Queen – Female, 20's -?, quicker than her husband but still a little dense, very sure of herself, persistent, sincerely wrong in thinking she always knows what's going on.

Boots – Pussycat, Female, 20's - ?, fast talker, fast thinker, light on her feet, narrates the story, looks for the good in people, motivator, earnest, HIGH ENGERGY

Guy, - pronounced "Ghee", 20's - ?, Genuine, sincere, eager, tries hard, brave but not boastfully so, full of self doubt

Genevieve – Princess, 18 - ?, Sweet, kind, determined to protect her parents, fiercely loyal, follows her heart without neglecting her responsibilities

Ugolin – ageless, Ogre, villain, greedy, malicious, prideful, thinks he is above consequence

3 Townsfolk – ageless, 3 people, male or female, take on a variety of roles, main task is to create the "scenery" of the story and involve the audience, looking for big characters


Monday, August 18, 2008

We celebrated shakespeare in the rain

We were once again performing at Celebrate Shakespeare Day on Boston Common. This year the talented Stephen Libby directed his own work and it was great.

When the rain came we stuck it out and performed for everyone who stayed. Mr. Rhodes we were troopers.. old school style. Hardcore tacticle theatrical commandos!

Here are some highlights!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

YEA!!! Next season!

Big special thank to Mr. Stephen Libby

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Mr. Rhodes is old. He is sooooooo old.

Today is his birthday. 34, he really is the old man in charge. hahaha

Happy birthday Mr. Rhodes, I hope to be more like you!


Monday, June 30, 2008

Why are you not seeing this show... TWICE!

"Laundry & Bourbon" and"Lone Star"

Reviewed by Larry Stark
This pair of plays explain each other, document the difficulties of marriage, and the claustrophobic life of small towns like Maynard, Texas (West of Dallas, on the edge of the desert). And it is heartbreaking to watch a solid, solidly directed cast try to do this honest double-show, which depends heavily on "the laughter of recognition", before a scattered, insubstantial audience. There IS a sort of "critical mass" of audience necessary that makes theatrical comedy work, and The Makeshift Theatre Company is working on perhaps the worst week-end of the year: July 3, 5 and 6. If ever a show needed YOU this week-end, this one does.
So, if you love brilliant theate:GO!
Love,===Anon.( a k a larry stark)


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shows and wiffle ball

Hi folks, we have been going crazy with L&B and LS opening THIS FRIDAY!!!! You heard me right we are opening THIS FRIDAY! I am so impressed with this show. The set, the lights, the performances. Everyone better come out and see this great work of story telling!!! Here are some teaser pictures!!

Dude! Our second prime time show ever!!!

We also had our first wiffle ball game of the season in humid 105 degree weather. Which means every lasted about 4 innings. Mr. Rhodes was ready to go the distance, but the majority of the crowd was clamering ofr hot BBQ and cold beer. So we retired back to the house. Here are the highlights:
We were supposed to play again this weekend but I think we will all be way to pooped after tech week and opening night. Sometimes the wiffle spirit is willing, but the body is a no show.

We also want to say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs. Anna Waldron and Stephen Libby who ties the knot this past weekend. Although I was not personally envited Mr. Overby and Ms. Em said it was beautiful. YEA!!!!! Enjoy your honey moon kids and we will see you when you get back!



Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Maynard Texas means Good Times

We are into rehearsal for LB & LS!!! And it is looking fantastic! We should promo pictures by the end of next week, so keep an eye out.

We would also like to welcome John sanzi back into the Makeshift fold. The Sanz is our business manager and works as our box office manager for our prime time shows. John had to take a leave of absence for personal reasons, and now we are happy to have him back in the thick of things, YEA SANZ! He was at the Makeshift Offices this weekend doing some planning with Mr. Rhodes and then Ms. EM and Overby came in and we watched SERENITY in surround sound... awesome. After much begging they let me stay and watch as well, I just had to fetch them drinks the whole time.

This coming weekend is WIFFLE BALL WEEKEND (take II) Our first opening day was rained out so this is our make up game, and I hope mother nature works with us this time. It has finally warmed up here in New England, and it's about dern time. We hope to see you there, and if not there will be some video for sure!

The show, The Sanz, Wiffle Ball..... I think there was something else I needed to cover... OH YEAH! we will once again be participating for the Citi Performing Arts Center's CELEBRATE SHAKESPEARE DAY on Boston Common. We will be doing some short skit and will have a booth set up with information about next season and the company. The closer we get to the date I will pass along more information. I like to think of it as out official announcement of next season.

Whew... that's all.... now I am gonna see if Mr. Rhodes will let me play with his new speaker system.... wish me luck.

~The ever lovin' NERO

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The folks of Maynard, Texas

The casting is done and we even had our first readthrough for Laundry & Bourbon and Lone Star!!!! i could not attend this one so we are sans pictures, but we have a lot of new people yet again to help fill out our Makeshift Family!!! See official list bellow!

Roy -- Dave Sanfacon

Ray -- Daniel Schuettinger

Cletius -- Jonathan Overby

Elizabeth -- Rachel Dyer

Hattie -- Alexandra Smith

Amy Lee -- Aimee Parkhurst

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Cinderella how we shall miss ye...

As promised friends and neighbors here are some Cinderella pictures....

Here is Grafton as Cinderella and Ms. Corbo as one of the mean step sister... I think she played Gwynth. Our evil step sister were named Gwynth and Paltro. We are funny that way!! The step sister ask Cindy to fetch a shoe for... asking her to give her the boot becasue her back has gone out and Cindy is very tempted to give her a boot right in the bum, if ya know what I mean. In the end Cindy keeps her composuer and has to carry Gwynth off stage.

This is Mr. Overby as the prince and the evile step sister and the vile step mother. I think here Mr. Overby is screaming becasue of the smell of Brookes feet. Brooke is the blond step sister who is trying to squeaze her foot into the shoe. That is her usual facial expression even when she is not acting. That's Rachel cheering her on in the back playing the vile step mother, and Corbo again.

I had to find one of the amazing Adrienne Grafton in the dress that our own Deb "the" Shea made!!! There were many ooo's and ahhh's when she walked on stage in her fancy ball gown! You should have seen the kids lining ip to have their picture taken with her after the show! With her is this photo are our story tellers for this show Matt Arnold and Kristen Boucher. You may remember Matt as our prince from Sleeping Beauty, and if you don't know Kristen yet then you need to see more shows and read this blog more often! This is Kristen's 4th show with us as either cast or crewa dn she design's all our posters since Shakespeare Abridged. Also, if you look closely in the back you will see Mr. Vinnie peeking out. He played Abe The Pidgeon, kind the fairl god pidgeon of the story.

Thanks again to Ms. Victoria Welch and her fantastic camera and skills for the photos! Aslo if any of you guys out there want to be in a show we are looking for mor MEN to sign up for Lone Star auditions!!!


Monday, April 28, 2008

Back on the scene

Hello Loyal Readers!!!!

I have been really busy with all different kind of Makeshift things and drooling over the new Grand theft Auto. Let me apologize for being a bit slack with my blogging duties. Mr. Rhodes is constantly reminding me... The result of all this is that I have mounds of information to pass along to you!!! Lets get started!

~Cinderella! we have one more show!!!! We will be at the Regent Theatre in Arlington this coming Saturday for our final performance of Cinderella and it is also our last performance of our family show season!!! We have had great crowds and many, many new faces! I will have pics form Cinder soon and maybe even some video if I don 't get waylaied by the summer zaly monster.

~India!!! Youo know, the kind with the dots! Makeshift was invited to perform in a theatre festival in India! Yeah, we can't believe it either. We are not sure if we are going to go or not. There are many performance and financia issues with this trip even though most of it would be paid for by the US consolate. Ms. Waldron and Ms. Em are looking into the possibility and seeing if it is possible. I will keep you posted on what traspires. Makeshift Abroad!!! WOOT!

~SEASON IV: yes that is right we have offically announced next season. Are you read for this...
Puss In Boots (Oct)
Hansel & Gretal (Feb.)
3 Musketeers (Apr.)
As you can see we have our 3 family shows, but we have added a new prime time show in December. We are craaaaaaaaaaaazy!!!!
We also have auditions coming up for Laundry and Bourbon & Lone Star. If you are interested please email Mr. Vinnie!
Whew... that was a lot of information. See you next week with some pictires and possibly some video form Cinderella!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Makeshift Theatre Co.

Lone Star and Laundry & Bourbon
By James McLure

Makeshift Theatre Co., now in its third season, announces auditions for its upcoming Prime Time Production: Lone Star and Laundry & Bourbon.

Excellent apart, brilliant together, James McClure's two darkly comic one-acts weave the interconnecting stories of three men and three women on one hot summer day in Maynard, Texas. In Laundry & Bourbon, Elizabeth, Hattie, and Amy Lee fold laundry, share gossip, and try to withstand the withering heat and each other. In the companion piece, Lone Star, beer and a 1959 pink Thunderbird convertible draw Ray, Roy, and Cletis together as they while away an evening in their tiny Texas town, but startling revelations threaten to tear them apart.

Seeking 3 Men & 3 Women

Laundry & Bourbon:
Elizabeth Caulder:
(Late 20's early 30's) Strong, Sensuous Woman. Intelligent but underdeveloped. Would be capable of handling most men other than her husband Roy. Therein lies the attraction. A woman Devoid of self pity. A forthright person who would call your bluff.

Hattie Dealing: (Late 20's early 30's) A woman whose bluff needs calling. Blowsy, brassy, used to getting her own way. Mother, wife, talker. Has as adage for every occasion. Anything that has gone wrong in her life is Vernon's fault. Vernon is her husband.

Amy Lee Fullernoy: (Mid-late 20's) Bright, sassy, spoiled. Baptist to the teeth. Given to gossip. Life revolves around the country club. An old enemy of Hattie's.

Lone Star:
Roy Caulder: (Late 20's early 30's) Lean, tough, beginnings of a beer gut. Undereducated, belligerent, his army service has nearly given him a since of irony. He voted for Nixon, likes John Wayne movies, and thinks Raquel Welch is a great actress.

Ray Caulder: (Mid-late 20's) Roy's younger brother. He is larger than Roy, slope-shouldered, sloth like, and slow. He has no idea what irony is. Wears a John Deere hat. Probably sleeps in it.
Cletis Fullernoy: (Mid-late 20's) A friend of Ray's. His life should have been terminated in high school. Married the first girl he dated that didn't spit on him. Works in his father's store. Gets lost in the stock room. Has a plastic pocket holder. Sleeps with it.

Auditions will be held on
Monday May 12 and Tuesday May 13
From 7-10pm
@ the Cambridge YMCA in Central Sq.

Auditions will consist of Cold Readings form the script.To Schedule an Audition Time Please Email a current Head Shot and Resume to
Company Manager Vincent Morreale,

Performance Dates Are
June 27th, 29th & 29th
July 3rd, 5th, & 6th

For more information please visit us online at

Monday, March 24, 2008


Hey Everybody!

I hope you had a fantastic Easter weekend. We at Makeshift did as we held out 3rd annual Easter Egg Hunt and BBQ!!! It was a great day for egg hunting and I have many pictures and some video as well!! That is all to come with some CINDERELLA rehearsal pics! Can you believe it opens in 2 weeks!

But, for now Mr. Rhodes is leaving for Florida and Ms. Em and Mr. Overby are going with him which I believe leaves me defacto in charge with lots to do for the upcoming show! I will try not to go all Emperor Palpatine on everybody... MUHAHAHAHA,, MUHAHAHAHAA.

Lord of all he sees,


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Feast, feast, merry, merry

Every year Mr. Rhodes takes us all out to dinner to celebrate making it another year and every year the party has doubled. Technically Makeshift was formed 4 years ago, but we have been producing shows for 3 years. The first party was to say thank you to the cast and crew for making our first 2 shows possibe, and it was dicided we would go to Dick's Last Resort so we who do family theatre could have some grown up fun.... the tradition has contunued.

This year was our largest ever with 11 attendes including Ms.
Waldron, Mr. Vinnie, Ms. Mollie, Mr. Libby, Mr. Overby, Ms. Em, Mr. Rhodes (duh), Mama Coral, The Wolf, and Ms. Vix. these are the people that make Makeshift Theatre run. So many of them are behind the scenes that you may not realize all the work that they do and most of it out of the love of the game, so to say.

Looking around the table I realized all of the new people who have joined us this year andhow much they have ment to the company. Mr. Rhodes said this was going to be a year of growth and change and he was not kidding. I am glad I was here for it instead of traveling around the world with a demented dramaturge. We have added Stage Managers, cheorgraphers, and new desginers, new directors, and so many new actors to our playlist.

So many new people that the only people from the orginal Dinner @ Dicks were Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Overby, Mr. Vinnie, and myself. There were a few people who could not make it including Deb The Shea who has designed every prop and costume for every show we have done for the past 3 years, and Mastro Benge who has given us so much orginal music. this coming weekend will be our annual Easter Egg Hunt and BBQ. It should be a good time as well.
You can see more pics from the party on our myspace page, the link shoul;d be to the right somewhere. Wow, three years and I know we are working on choosing shows for next year and should have a few suprises in store. I can't wait to see what the future holds!!!
Glad to be a part of the team,

Monday, March 03, 2008

The cast of CINDERELLA!!

I have been a bit slow on posting this, but the time has finally come...

The cast of Cinderella, adapted by Jack Neary.
Marianne - Adrienne Grafton
Step Mother - Rachel Baum
Gywneth - Jessica Corbo
Paltro - Brooke Nathanson
Whitey - Matt Arnold
Blanche - Kristen Boucher
Abe/Father - Vincent Morreale
Prince - Jon Overby
If Alice in Wonderland was the new kids, this cast are the aging veterans. Directing this time out is Nicole Catalano, who is brand spanking new to MTC. We also have a new SM in Coral Ash. Rehearsal begin in earnest tonight and we open the first Saturday in April.
We also had our 3rd annual Dinner @ Dick's last night which produced some interesting pictures. I will get the info on that up later in the week.
See you soon!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Ok.... I just discovered that the name of the new villian for the up coming Star Trek film will be NERO!

I didn't know JJ Abrams was reading my blog. He also is getting Eric Banna to play me. You can do much better than that... after the HULD and TROY I lost all respect for that dude.

I don't know how to feel about this.... I really don't. I just don't see myself as the villian type. I could eb the funny sidekick for days, the comic relief.

So, JJ if you reading this please call me and I will not sue if you give me a walk on part on LOST...


~The one and only Nero

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Moving right along....

Hey folks...

We are almost finished with Alice in Wonderland, just one more performance to go. We had our final show at the Coolidge today in spite of the snow storm. Thank you to all of those who braved the weather to come see the show. Over 500 people have see the run at the Coolidge! Next week will be our last showing of Alice in Wonderland at the Regent theatre in Arlington. All of you living north of the river have no excuse to not come and see the show. As you can see we had our photo-call with our fabulous photographer, Ms. Victoria Welch.

Mr. Rhodes wanted me to give a big thank you to all of you who came to the Cinderella auditions! The director had some very difficult decisions to make.... I did peek in and I must say that the amount of talent that keeps showing up at our auditions is out standing!!! We thought about adding more shows just to give more people a chance to play with us! We did make our final decisions and our first rehearsal for Cinderella will be next week... before we even close Alice. "CLOSE" means we finish a show. --I was having a chat with some parents during a performance the other day and realized that we sometimes throw theatre jargon around like we expect everyone to understand not realizing that some folks may to be very familiar with theatre terms. So I am gonna try and define terms when I use them in the hopes of providing some education and understanding. Lord know when I go to a mechanic I have no idea what they are saying... most of the time I just nod and wait for the bill.--

So where was I........? OH yeah, we start Cinderella rehearsals next week. I will be posting the cast list next week once we have the first read through. I have all kinds of other things to announce, but I am gonna try and hold on to some information till the next posting. We have some people to congratulate and some old friends to welcome back and the company party to plan!!! I am always

We are very close to deciding on our season for next year... you can expect that announcement in the next couple of months!

Also, don't forget that it's tax season! We just finished our and want to wish everyone many happy returns!! Ba-Dum-Ching! always leave them wanting more....


Monday, February 11, 2008

Alice is through the looking glass...

Hey all!

We just finished our second week of Alice and everyone is having a great time, the actors and the audience. There is not a much better combination than that! We have 3 more performances at the Coolidge before we move to the Regent For the March performance. ---Don'y forget the Raffle this coming Saturday!! There will be fun prizes and such!! I will try to take some pictures and video this weekend and have it posted the following day!

In other news we are building up steam with Cinderella. It is always tricky starting one show before one is finished. I know larger theatres have a full time crew and it gets super busy. Though we be small we be mighty!!! Cinderella auditions are coming up quick, so if you are interested send Mr. Vinnie an email. It will be directed by Nicole Catalano, who is making her Makeshift debute! We will also be welcoming a new SM to the ranks, her name is Coral.

That's all the new for now. Tune in later dear readers and I may give out some hints to the shows that are on the short list for next year!!! Yes, we are already planning next year... an ounce of prevention gets early birds and all that.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008


Makeshift Theatre Co.

Adapted by Jack Neary

Makeshift Theatre Co., now in its third season of Saturday morning family shows, announces auditions for it's up coming production of Cinderella. It just might be the world's most beloved fairytale, and Jack Neary's touching adaptation brings warmth and humor to this endearing classic. Cinderella has a good heart, but she'll need a hand if she wants to go to the ball. With the help of some unlikely friends, she just might make it, and get to meet Prince Charming!

We're looking for a strong ensemble cast (20's – 30's) who is willing to take risks and play with physical comedy. 3M, 5F
BLANCHE: dove/narrator; character actor
WHITEY: dove/narrator; character actor
MARIANNE (Cinderella): spunky, awkward, sweet
FATHER/ABE THE TAILOR: played older; character actor.
STEPMOTHER: older; haughty and power hungry
GWYNETH: stepsister; unwieldy
PALTROW: stepsister; precocious
PRINCE: dorky yet charming

Auditions will be February 18th and 19th
7 – 10 PM
Cambridge YMCA in Central Sq.

Email head shot and resume to Company Manager Vincent Morreale,, to schedule an audition time.
Auditions will consist of short improvs and cold readings from the script. Please state which day and time you prefer 7:00PM, 8:30PM and be prepared to stay the whole time. Some people may be called back the scond night.

Performance will be April: 5, 12, 19, 20, 26 & May 3

All shows are 10:30 AM.

Rehearsals will be 3 weeknights through March.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Alice sneek peek...

I made a promise of video and I am trying to keep it!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

We are memorable....

Hi Folks!

If you have been involved with the Boston theatre scene at all for the last 40 odd years then you are familiar with Larry Stark. For those of you who are not familiar with the man I could try to give you a brief history and explain how much he has been involved with Boston theatre, but I don't think my limited typing and spelling skills could do it justice... So I will leave it to the Wiki folks, he has his own Wiki link which I give to you Wiki now...

Every year he makes a list of the most memorable shows he has seen and this year WE made that list with out first Prime Time show The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged). We came in at #71. [meaning we were the 71st play he saw, note compliments of Ms. Waldron] That's not to shabby for our first time out! here is the link to the list if you want to see what other shows caught his eye!!

Also... In the coming weeks, during your morning T ride, keep taking peeks into Boston Now. That's all I have been cleared to say at this time or I would have to self destruct this blog... and that would not be good for anyone!

I am all nervous. NERVOUS I TELL YOU! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......


Friday, January 04, 2008

New year

Happy New Year everybody.

I am planning a post with all the new and exciting thing that we here at Makeshift have planned for 2008! I have just been putting it off becasue of the awesome new gamage I got for Christmas. But have no fear faithful followers i will be getting this stuff together in the next week.

In the mean time continue building excitment for the opening of Alice In Wonderland!