Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ho Ho HO... and all that jazz!!

Before you settle in for your long winter nap.... we at makeshift wanted to give you a little holiday note.

We wrapped up our prime time show for this season, FIRST NIGHT, and what a wonderful show it was. We want to thank all the folks who cam out that last weekend in spite of the back to back snow storms. It was CRAZY! A little over 2 feet on snow before it was done. Mr. Rhodes even got towed, thanks Cambridge, he was my RIDE!!! Some time you just get smited by the weather gods.

HANSEL & GRETEL is next up this season, and the casting is complete!!! Auditions were 2 weeks ago and I usually post it ASAP, but we were in the middle of FIRST NIGHT... and now I am gonna leave you hanging a bit longer and post the casting after the holidays. hahahaha

As for me... my Mom is making some hotchoclate and I am settling in for some holiday game playing, I am hoping for Gears of War from Santa!!! My XBOX 360 is my best friend. You can find me online at XBOX live as Call Me Nero!!

In the mean time we here in the Makeshift Offices are playing with the office wii and drinking the last of the Nog, and wishing you a very...

From the cast and crew of Makeshift Theatre Co.!

and here is a little gem to get you through to the new year!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

let it snow....

Sad news here tonight folks, we are expecting a foot of snow before the night si over so we have cancelled tonight's performance of FIRST NIGHT!

Once again, tonights performance of FIRST NIGHT is cancelled due to a freaking boat load of fluffly white stuff. :(

That leave us with just 2 more performances and we really want audiences in the double didgets!!! So join us tomorrow and sunday!!!

In the mena time build a fire and grab some coco, and bundle up with someone you find cozy and enjoy the first storm of the winter!!

Happy Life day!!!


Friday, December 05, 2008


I hope every one is a fabu Holiday season!! We at Makeshift types are trimming the tree drinking the nog and getting ready for our holiday offering!!! If you can't take any more Scrooge and the Nut Cracker is driving you nuts then we have something just a little different for you!!! Our own little holiday show!! Come celebrate the holidays and romance with our production of FIRST NIGHT, written & directed by Jack Neary. Heck, Mr. Rhodes is even in this one... and Maggie Nicholas is awesome. So if you need a night away from shopping come spend an evening with us! We promise you will not regret it, and at 15 dollars you won't find a better deal this side of black Friday!!

Also we I would like to know what your favorite holiday movie is... so reply to this or you can email me at and let me know. I will post the results before Christmas and we will announce them at the show!!!

I personally have a video game list a MILE long for Santa Clause this year!!! Odd thing is most of the games have "death" in the title, which does not go very well with the idea of peace on earth good will to men.....?? Hmmm... Don't judge me Mr. Claus.

See you all at the show!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!