Sunday, May 02, 2010

Another Season, Another Summer.

Well, Makeshift Friends and Neighbors, another summer is upon us and another season is behind us. And while those of us at MTC are taking the time to relax in the sun, break out the grill, dust off our wiffle balls, and apparently boil all our water, we want to thank each and every one of you for supporting us this year.

Our fifth season began with a new stage, a lot of new faces, and ended with the return of one of our most beloved shows, Robin Hood.

We began our season away from our traditional home at the Coolidge Corner Theater, and moved to the beautiful stages of the Regent Theater in Arlington, and the Next Door Theatre in Winchester. There were many changes that awaited us this season. Nero, our trusty intern, traveled to Merry old England, Princes were trapped in towers, Emperors pranced around in their underwear, and we welcomed our good (albeit unreliable) friends at the Misdirected Theatre Company.

Our First show, Rapunzel was a musical variation on the classic fairy tale. Directed by Shaine Carney and introducing Molly Hass-Hoven, Christine Walsh and Patrick Hughes, Rapunzel brought together new and returning members of the Makeshift family. It included Laureen Evans, Kristin Boucher and Vincent Morreale, all returning from previous seasons.

As the cold of winter set in, we naturally thought it best to have me prance around in long underwear (and very little else) as the fashion savvy Emperor Pantaloon I. The Emperor's New Clothes, introduced many new faces to the Makeshift Family, including James Aitchison, Leanne O'Shea, Gavin Killea and Erin Brehm. Tim Fairley and Debra Mein returned in a production directed by Caitlin Stewart-Swift. In addition to performing for audiences in Arlington and Winchester, Makeshift also brought the theatre company off the stage and into a local West Roxbury school, where the children got to meet the actors and ask them questions.

And finally, we rounded out our season with the return of one of our most beloved tales, Jack Neary's Misdirected Theatre Company adaptation of Robin Hood. Those who have been a part of Makeshift since the beginning will recognize this as the first show we ever performed, back when we were part of Tribe Boston. This breathless and action packed comedy is more than just a simple fairy tale, and more than just another show for us. Robin Hood set the standard for the high energy and frantic family entertainment that has become uniquely Makeshift.

Though this exciting season has drawn to a close, Makeshift is only just getting started. We will return in the fall with, new faces, familiar faces and two brand new productions, Treasure Island and The Princess and the Pea. And next Spring, the saga of the Misdirected Theatre Company will continue with The Ugly Duckling.

From all of us at Makeshift Theatre Co, to all of you who helped make us a regular part of your Saturday mornings, Thank you. May you and your families have a wonderful, safe and fun summer! And we'll see you in the fall!