Thursday, February 28, 2008


Ok.... I just discovered that the name of the new villian for the up coming Star Trek film will be NERO!

I didn't know JJ Abrams was reading my blog. He also is getting Eric Banna to play me. You can do much better than that... after the HULD and TROY I lost all respect for that dude.

I don't know how to feel about this.... I really don't. I just don't see myself as the villian type. I could eb the funny sidekick for days, the comic relief.

So, JJ if you reading this please call me and I will not sue if you give me a walk on part on LOST...


~The one and only Nero

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Moving right along....

Hey folks...

We are almost finished with Alice in Wonderland, just one more performance to go. We had our final show at the Coolidge today in spite of the snow storm. Thank you to all of those who braved the weather to come see the show. Over 500 people have see the run at the Coolidge! Next week will be our last showing of Alice in Wonderland at the Regent theatre in Arlington. All of you living north of the river have no excuse to not come and see the show. As you can see we had our photo-call with our fabulous photographer, Ms. Victoria Welch.

Mr. Rhodes wanted me to give a big thank you to all of you who came to the Cinderella auditions! The director had some very difficult decisions to make.... I did peek in and I must say that the amount of talent that keeps showing up at our auditions is out standing!!! We thought about adding more shows just to give more people a chance to play with us! We did make our final decisions and our first rehearsal for Cinderella will be next week... before we even close Alice. "CLOSE" means we finish a show. --I was having a chat with some parents during a performance the other day and realized that we sometimes throw theatre jargon around like we expect everyone to understand not realizing that some folks may to be very familiar with theatre terms. So I am gonna try and define terms when I use them in the hopes of providing some education and understanding. Lord know when I go to a mechanic I have no idea what they are saying... most of the time I just nod and wait for the bill.--

So where was I........? OH yeah, we start Cinderella rehearsals next week. I will be posting the cast list next week once we have the first read through. I have all kinds of other things to announce, but I am gonna try and hold on to some information till the next posting. We have some people to congratulate and some old friends to welcome back and the company party to plan!!! I am always

We are very close to deciding on our season for next year... you can expect that announcement in the next couple of months!

Also, don't forget that it's tax season! We just finished our and want to wish everyone many happy returns!! Ba-Dum-Ching! always leave them wanting more....


Monday, February 11, 2008

Alice is through the looking glass...

Hey all!

We just finished our second week of Alice and everyone is having a great time, the actors and the audience. There is not a much better combination than that! We have 3 more performances at the Coolidge before we move to the Regent For the March performance. ---Don'y forget the Raffle this coming Saturday!! There will be fun prizes and such!! I will try to take some pictures and video this weekend and have it posted the following day!

In other news we are building up steam with Cinderella. It is always tricky starting one show before one is finished. I know larger theatres have a full time crew and it gets super busy. Though we be small we be mighty!!! Cinderella auditions are coming up quick, so if you are interested send Mr. Vinnie an email. It will be directed by Nicole Catalano, who is making her Makeshift debute! We will also be welcoming a new SM to the ranks, her name is Coral.

That's all the new for now. Tune in later dear readers and I may give out some hints to the shows that are on the short list for next year!!! Yes, we are already planning next year... an ounce of prevention gets early birds and all that.