Thursday, May 22, 2008

The folks of Maynard, Texas

The casting is done and we even had our first readthrough for Laundry & Bourbon and Lone Star!!!! i could not attend this one so we are sans pictures, but we have a lot of new people yet again to help fill out our Makeshift Family!!! See official list bellow!

Roy -- Dave Sanfacon

Ray -- Daniel Schuettinger

Cletius -- Jonathan Overby

Elizabeth -- Rachel Dyer

Hattie -- Alexandra Smith

Amy Lee -- Aimee Parkhurst

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Cinderella how we shall miss ye...

As promised friends and neighbors here are some Cinderella pictures....

Here is Grafton as Cinderella and Ms. Corbo as one of the mean step sister... I think she played Gwynth. Our evil step sister were named Gwynth and Paltro. We are funny that way!! The step sister ask Cindy to fetch a shoe for... asking her to give her the boot becasue her back has gone out and Cindy is very tempted to give her a boot right in the bum, if ya know what I mean. In the end Cindy keeps her composuer and has to carry Gwynth off stage.

This is Mr. Overby as the prince and the evile step sister and the vile step mother. I think here Mr. Overby is screaming becasue of the smell of Brookes feet. Brooke is the blond step sister who is trying to squeaze her foot into the shoe. That is her usual facial expression even when she is not acting. That's Rachel cheering her on in the back playing the vile step mother, and Corbo again.

I had to find one of the amazing Adrienne Grafton in the dress that our own Deb "the" Shea made!!! There were many ooo's and ahhh's when she walked on stage in her fancy ball gown! You should have seen the kids lining ip to have their picture taken with her after the show! With her is this photo are our story tellers for this show Matt Arnold and Kristen Boucher. You may remember Matt as our prince from Sleeping Beauty, and if you don't know Kristen yet then you need to see more shows and read this blog more often! This is Kristen's 4th show with us as either cast or crewa dn she design's all our posters since Shakespeare Abridged. Also, if you look closely in the back you will see Mr. Vinnie peeking out. He played Abe The Pidgeon, kind the fairl god pidgeon of the story.

Thanks again to Ms. Victoria Welch and her fantastic camera and skills for the photos! Aslo if any of you guys out there want to be in a show we are looking for mor MEN to sign up for Lone Star auditions!!!