Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Hey everybody!

I took an extended vacation and I am sorry for the late notice. My mother just told me to grab a bag and go, i didn't even pack my PSP.

But Now I am back on the job just in time for Halloween!!! WWWWooooooOOOooooo SPOOKY!!

Speaking of PUSS IN BOOT is Currently playing at the Coolidge Corner Theatre and our 4th Annual Halloween costume contest will be this Saturday!!! Can you feel the excitement!!! There will be fun and prizes to give away, so grab a spooky costume and head on down, it the last weekend for PUSS IN BOOTS!!!

We also have auditions for our winter Prim Time show coming up!! FIRST NIGHT by Jack Neary. The big new is that Mr. Neary will be directing this production!!!! How cool is that!!

They are looking for the role of Meridith and the auditions will notices will be coming out soon!!

In the mean time I better go start putting things away and straighting out the filing system, since Mr. Rhodes got that xbox for his birthday, nothing gets done.

See you all soon! I will have costume contest pics next week!!!

~Nero (Back on the job!)