Saturday, March 15, 2008

Feast, feast, merry, merry

Every year Mr. Rhodes takes us all out to dinner to celebrate making it another year and every year the party has doubled. Technically Makeshift was formed 4 years ago, but we have been producing shows for 3 years. The first party was to say thank you to the cast and crew for making our first 2 shows possibe, and it was dicided we would go to Dick's Last Resort so we who do family theatre could have some grown up fun.... the tradition has contunued.

This year was our largest ever with 11 attendes including Ms.
Waldron, Mr. Vinnie, Ms. Mollie, Mr. Libby, Mr. Overby, Ms. Em, Mr. Rhodes (duh), Mama Coral, The Wolf, and Ms. Vix. these are the people that make Makeshift Theatre run. So many of them are behind the scenes that you may not realize all the work that they do and most of it out of the love of the game, so to say.

Looking around the table I realized all of the new people who have joined us this year andhow much they have ment to the company. Mr. Rhodes said this was going to be a year of growth and change and he was not kidding. I am glad I was here for it instead of traveling around the world with a demented dramaturge. We have added Stage Managers, cheorgraphers, and new desginers, new directors, and so many new actors to our playlist.

So many new people that the only people from the orginal Dinner @ Dicks were Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Overby, Mr. Vinnie, and myself. There were a few people who could not make it including Deb The Shea who has designed every prop and costume for every show we have done for the past 3 years, and Mastro Benge who has given us so much orginal music. this coming weekend will be our annual Easter Egg Hunt and BBQ. It should be a good time as well.
You can see more pics from the party on our myspace page, the link shoul;d be to the right somewhere. Wow, three years and I know we are working on choosing shows for next year and should have a few suprises in store. I can't wait to see what the future holds!!!
Glad to be a part of the team,

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