Monday, March 03, 2008

The cast of CINDERELLA!!

I have been a bit slow on posting this, but the time has finally come...

The cast of Cinderella, adapted by Jack Neary.
Marianne - Adrienne Grafton
Step Mother - Rachel Baum
Gywneth - Jessica Corbo
Paltro - Brooke Nathanson
Whitey - Matt Arnold
Blanche - Kristen Boucher
Abe/Father - Vincent Morreale
Prince - Jon Overby
If Alice in Wonderland was the new kids, this cast are the aging veterans. Directing this time out is Nicole Catalano, who is brand spanking new to MTC. We also have a new SM in Coral Ash. Rehearsal begin in earnest tonight and we open the first Saturday in April.
We also had our 3rd annual Dinner @ Dick's last night which produced some interesting pictures. I will get the info on that up later in the week.
See you soon!

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Vincent Morreale said...

As someone who is rapidly approaching his 30th birthday, I believe I would prefer the term "Seasoned" Veterans.

I mean really, Nero, was Obi-wan an "aging" Jedi in A New Hope? I daresay he was seasoned. Salty, actually. He lived in a desert.

And speaking of Jedi, have you seen my Dark Lord of The Sith Toe Socks? You know the ones you borrowed for your World of Warcraft Trading Card Tourney? Until the Oil Company comes, Its a tad chilly, and the old Wampa Leg Warmers just ain't cutting it. So I'd really like them back.

-Mr Vinnie