Monday, April 28, 2008

Back on the scene

Hello Loyal Readers!!!!

I have been really busy with all different kind of Makeshift things and drooling over the new Grand theft Auto. Let me apologize for being a bit slack with my blogging duties. Mr. Rhodes is constantly reminding me... The result of all this is that I have mounds of information to pass along to you!!! Lets get started!

~Cinderella! we have one more show!!!! We will be at the Regent Theatre in Arlington this coming Saturday for our final performance of Cinderella and it is also our last performance of our family show season!!! We have had great crowds and many, many new faces! I will have pics form Cinder soon and maybe even some video if I don 't get waylaied by the summer zaly monster.

~India!!! Youo know, the kind with the dots! Makeshift was invited to perform in a theatre festival in India! Yeah, we can't believe it either. We are not sure if we are going to go or not. There are many performance and financia issues with this trip even though most of it would be paid for by the US consolate. Ms. Waldron and Ms. Em are looking into the possibility and seeing if it is possible. I will keep you posted on what traspires. Makeshift Abroad!!! WOOT!

~SEASON IV: yes that is right we have offically announced next season. Are you read for this...
Puss In Boots (Oct)
Hansel & Gretal (Feb.)
3 Musketeers (Apr.)
As you can see we have our 3 family shows, but we have added a new prime time show in December. We are craaaaaaaaaaaazy!!!!
We also have auditions coming up for Laundry and Bourbon & Lone Star. If you are interested please email Mr. Vinnie!
Whew... that was a lot of information. See you next week with some pictires and possibly some video form Cinderella!

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