Thursday, August 21, 2008


Makeshift Theatre Co Announces auditions for the first show of it's 08/09 season
Written by Noah Smith
Driected by Jonathan Ovebry
Audition will be August 25 & 26 @ 7PM
725 Comm. Ave on the BU Campus
Audition will consist of cold reading form the script. Please bring a resume, head shot and/or current picture.
As always for our family shows we are looking for a bigger/faster/funnier style of humor. Marx Brothers meets Mel Brooks.
Performances will be Saturday mornings in October at The Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline @ 10:30am Contact Artistic Director Andrew Rhodes ( to schedule an audition time.
When young Guy discovers that his inheritance consists only of a cat and a pair of boots, he is highly distressed, until he gets to know the cat. Saucy and one-if-a-kind, Boots the cat vows to help Guy achieve his goal of marrying the beautiful princess from next door. Boots also helps free the town from the clutches of Ugolin, an evil ogre who has magical powers to turn himself or others into any animal he chooses. Guy and Boots trick the king and queen into thinking Guy is the "Marquis of Carabas" and also trick the ogre into turning himself into an insect who meets an abrupt end, courtesy of Boot's boot. Boy gets girl, the town is freed, magical spells are broken, and much fun is had along the way.

CHARACTERS:King - Male, 20's - ?, genuinely misguided, slow on the uptake, very sweet and sincere, likes to laugh
Queen – Female, 20's -?, quicker than her husband but still a little dense, very sure of herself, persistent, sincerely wrong in thinking she always knows what's going on.

Boots – Pussycat, Female, 20's - ?, fast talker, fast thinker, light on her feet, narrates the story, looks for the good in people, motivator, earnest, HIGH ENGERGY

Guy, - pronounced "Ghee", 20's - ?, Genuine, sincere, eager, tries hard, brave but not boastfully so, full of self doubt

Genevieve – Princess, 18 - ?, Sweet, kind, determined to protect her parents, fiercely loyal, follows her heart without neglecting her responsibilities

Ugolin – ageless, Ogre, villain, greedy, malicious, prideful, thinks he is above consequence

3 Townsfolk – ageless, 3 people, male or female, take on a variety of roles, main task is to create the "scenery" of the story and involve the audience, looking for big characters


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