Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Moving right along...

Hi there friends and neighbors and Makehift addicts!!!

Your trusty intern NERO here today. I have 2 bits of news for you on the Makeshift front, but first I have to say that Fallout 3 is the most addictive thing ever. I played the first 2 pc games and had a blast, but now Mr. Rhodes has a 360 and he showed me Fallout 3 on that system. Now I had my doubts, but those were blown out of the water... I have to go out and get this, so Mr. rhodes will stop kicking me out of his house late at night... all my WoW friends have been womdering where I ahve been... Wandering the capitol wastes my friends. Also the WoW expansion pack is out now... so much nerdage, so little time.

Okay, Makeshift news. First: The FIRST NIGHT poster is off the drawing board and making the rounds!!! Another great showing by K. Boucher!!! Take a look bellow!

Second: I know we are still weeks away for FIRST NIGHT, but we have already announced audition for HANSEL & GRETEL!! It will be directed by Caitlin Stewart-Swift, who assisted on ALICE IN WOMDERLAND! This is a first for us as we will be auditioning kids for the title roles!!! I bought some mace, so bring on the stage moms! See the announcemnet bellow!!


By Jack Neary.

Directed by Caitlin Stewart-Swift

Auditions will be held on December 15th & 16th from 7-10pm.
Performance dates: Feb: 7, 14, 15, 21, 28 / Mar: 7

Hansel: This part can either be played by a child, or a young looking adult. Hansel is strong, optimistic, smart and positive. The big brother. He is a rock for his sister, possible a younger and slightly more intelligent version of his father. Hansel is the classic strong, intelligent young hero.
Gretel: Gretel will be either played by a child, or young looking actor. Although she is the little sister and going through a scary situation, Gretel finds comfort and strength from the love of her brother and the trust she places in him. Gretel is the classic sweet little girl of fairy tales.

Father: Loving family man. A bit beaten down by life and life's current circumstances, but still positive and loving, determined to prevail, completely unselfish (the opposite of his sister "Aunt").

Aunt: A witch in the making. Very self centered, extremely different from her brother(the father) no sense of family and family love, hates sharing her brother with his family. This woman is really all business and cold.

Witch/Granny: The villain, a witch in granny's clothing. Very intelligent, slight temper, the brains of the operation in regards to the pie making business.

Stench & Rollo: A comedic duo, or bumbling fools and foolery, and unreliable henchmen for granny. Opportunity for physical humor and moments of great comedic timing.

The auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.

To schedule a time please submit a head shot and resume to Vin Morreale, Company Manager at Vinnie@makeshifttheatre.com

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