Monday, November 13, 2006

What's German for breaking and entering??


I have some serious worries about our dear professor. We did get out of the airport, but we had missed our reservations at the place Makeshift had booked for us. Worst of all there was a David Hasselhoff fan club convention in town and every place we went to was already over booked. I love knightrider as much as the next guy but how many Germans in black leather jackets and too tight black jeans can one person stand?!?!?!

So there we were without a place to stay and hardly any money with us. We even tried going back to the airport but they would not let us back in. I am not sure exactly what they said but I am sure it wasn't polite. We spent the first night sitting on bench somewhere down town...strasse something-or-other. I don't think Prof. Happ had ever been camping in his life! By morning he had this look in his eyes. Honestly, it scared me a little. He told me to wait at the bench and watch our stuff and that he would be back in a moment. I tried to stop him but he wheeled on me with a "The professor has spoken!" I started laughing until I realized he wasn't kidding. Then I started laughing even more. He stood there with his finger in the air for a bit longer which made it all the more hilarious and then stormed away mumbling again.

So I waited, and waited, and waited. Then I waited a bit more. He finally came back just after sunset. He told me to grab our things and follow him. I tried to ask him if he had found us a place to stay but he just kept shh-ing me in annoying way. We finally reached this nice little house that looked as if no one was home. The Prof dragged me around back and asked if I had ever picked a lock. Picked. A. Lock. This coming from a guy who dang near cried because I pulled a tag off his pillow and then burred the whole thing in his back yard to cover up the evidence. I looked at him a min to wait for the joke but he just starred at me with those crazy eyes. I stood up and started to walk away because I could never explain to my mother why I was in a German prison. He pulled me back down and explained that it was the house of an old friend of his and that we were allowed to use it. He explained it all: His friend Rolf had studied with him and he left message that while he was away the Prof. Could use his house. The only problem was that he had mistakenly taken the extra key with him and set the alarm by mistake. He also said that once we were inside we would have to keep all the blinds closed to the sun didn't fade his carpet while he was gone. Also we were only to come and go at night, through the back door.

Well that finally made sense. So, thanks to my years of experience playing Splinter Cell and other Tom Clancy video games I was able to pick the lock and disarm the security system. I don't understand those people who say video games teach you nothing. The Prof asked if I could do stuff like this all the time. I said sure. He again went all crazy eyes. It was a nice house. We did have to leave in a hurry. A car pulled up in the drive and the Prof. Went crazy saying he had left a surprise gift and that if we were here when his buddy Rolf arrived it would ruin it. So we vacated out the back door in hurry. I hope his friend enjoyed the gift.

So now we are on a train to this library to find this "book", or as the Prof. says "THE Book." The Prof asked if I could pull the schematics off the internet. I told him it was probably in a restricted or locked file. He asked if I could "mack it?" I looked at him for a second resisting the urge to laugh then asked snickering "Do you mean hack it?" "yes that can you do that?" I told him I could but that it was illegal and again brought up the idea of German prisons....He explained about how his friend Rolf worked for the library and had given him permission but had forgotten to give him the passcode. It seems to that this Rolf dude is pretty irresponsible.

So now the professor just keeps going over the schematics and sounding an awful lot like The Brain with his "yes!", "it will work!", "It shall be mine!" all accompanied by this pretentious giggling...Um, CREEPY!

I wanted to call the office, but he took my phone away.

I am beginning to question his intentions. Does anyone know any Germanish lawyers?

"I have a bad feeling about this."

Merc for hire/evil henchman/in over his head...

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