Friday, November 17, 2006

Operation Booksale, Phase II

Salutations Fellow Scholars,

I bring you magnificent news! Nero and I secured our cover as American dramaturgists at the Staatstheater on Tuesday (after an unfortunately late arrival; we fell three days behind our itinerary when Nero simply had to make a stop in Gie├čen, so I struck him repeatedly with a newspaper. It's much like housetraining a puppy, you see; negative behaviour, negative reinforcement) and we immediately began Phase I of Operation Booksale, which has, much to my delight, produced a great deal of intelligence on our target! Our final plans are coming together . . .

I dare not delve into great detail in such a public forum, but I am too excited not to share at least some information with you! Although you should remember, fellow scholars, that everything described here is still a machination in its formative stage; should any of this be leaked to a possible informant, the entire operation would be ruined. Remain stalwart against traitors, fellow scholars; we seek to liberate The Book for the glory of all enlightenedkind!

Nero managed to obtain this marvelous floorplan of the Rathaus here in Kassel (the exterior of the building is pictured immediately beneath it), and he needed only minor medical attention afterward; I told him continuously as I applied the splint that his sacrifices for the sake of academia were greatly appreciated (it's much like housetraining a puppy, you see; positive behaviour, positive reinforcement). At any rate, he's returning to his post tomorrow at noon to secure the much more tightly protected floorplan of the Stadtbibliothek itself. I'll be buying more gauze.

We plan to gather intelligence for another four days, at which point we should be able to infiltrate the Stadtbibliothek undetected. Immediately after we retrieve The Book, we'll return to Frankfurt to catch our Wednesday flight back to Boston, placing us at Nero's house just in time for Thanksgiving! Brilliant, I tell you! My genius is unstoppable!

Well, the time has come, fellow scholars, for you to excuse me; I feel I must return to my normal post at the Staatstheater as the full time staff here has begun to eye me suspiciously. Perhaps the maniacal laughter was a bit too much. Yes. Too much.

Brilliantly Sincere,

Professor Happ
Director of Field Dramaturgy
Makeshift Theatre Co.

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