Monday, November 06, 2006

And then there was Frankfurt....

Hi Makeshifters,

The morning after the last performance of SNOW, the Prof. and I headed out for Germany. Little did we know it was the night before that the problems began.

I guess Prof. Happ thought he would get back at me for the dunce cap I got him to wear for Halloween. (I have pics by the way, will try and post this week.) His plan for revenge involved closing the vent in my teeny little room and opening the window. Needless to say I woke of with a cold and sick as a dog. (why do they sick as a dog? In all my life I have never seen a dog with a cold.)
So, HAHA right? He wore a dunce cap and now I have the runniest nose in all of Heaven and Earth. My Mom said I was not to go on the trip, but Prof. Happ convinced her that he would take care of me and see that I got plenty of rest and fluids. He told her that there was no possible way he could make this trip with out me. That came as kind of a schocker because that was the nicest thing he has ever said about me. Then again it might have been because my mom had him pinned against a wall with a spatula in her hand threatening to wallop him on the head. But, she said she would let me go because she's an old softie. I should have stayed home...

There were no problems at Logan. We waited and I had my PSP to keep me company even though the Prof decided to take an interest and kept saying "Ooo get that guy!" and "Turn you fool, turn!!" I finally moved to the other side of the terminal and put in my ear phones. The flight was miserable because of my cold. I felt as if my head was gonna explode. On the plane we watched some action movie that I was in and out for thanks to the ny-quill. I mostly remember Prof. Happ explaining away everything in the movie as "impossible", "totally erroneous", and "this is the kind of tripe that keeps ending up in my netflix queue at home!" Funny thing is I don't remember putting any fish movies on the list. I have no idea what Tripe he is talking about. The rest of the flight was him going on about the trip and some book that is the end all and be all of fairy tale history and something other things....I moved to the bathroom so I could sleep in peace. After a while the stewardess made me go back to my seat. I guess the Prof. Didn't know I was gone for 20 min.

Now when we landed it got bad. The guy at customs spoke English about as well as we speak German. A much as I can figure out now he looked at me and Asked if I had a cold. Now the Prof. butted in with his German phrase book and spoke in his usual high falutin manner. I don't quite know what he said. All I know is that we have been locked in a quarantine holding cell in Frankfurt International Airport ever since. At least they locked us up with our stuff so I have my laptop which is how I am brining you this update.

The guys in the white coats just brought the Prof. Back from his 3rd physical exam. HEY!! Looks like they finally got a translater as well. Maybe we will be getting out of here soon. Good news is, I feel much better after a few days rest!

Below is all I have seen after 2 days in Germany..... Looks like were off to a great start. : /

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