Monday, November 20, 2006

Finalized Plans

Salutations Fellow Scholars,

Nero and I have finalized our plans. I cannot go into great detail now, but suffice to say that the Stadtbibliothek is kept under the tightest of guard, including (but certainly not limited to) cameras, motion detectors, retina- and voice-print checkpoint security, armed patrolmen, and vicious, nasty, horrendously malnourished guard dogs. As the security is virtually impenetrable, I have decided to stay behind while Nero conducts the liberation of The Book himself. You know, to increase his likelihood of success.

My plan is infallible; I have even accounted for the inevitable mishaps bound to be made by a bumbling intern. By the time the staff of the Stadtbibliothek realize that The Book is missing, Nero and I shall already be travelling anonymously on the most direct course back to the United States! We've even picked out travel aliases: I'm "Dr. Livingston" and Nero is "Steve Rogers."

At great risk to the secrecy and security of the culminating stage of Operation Booksale, I am tremendously excited (but, nevertheless, ever so slightly apprehensive) to regale you with the sum entirety of what information regarding the operation I can publically afford to release to general consumption:

The Operation shall begin in twenty-four hours.

Brilliantly Sincere,

Professor Happ
Director of Field Dramaturgy
Makeshift Theatre Co.

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