Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The clock is ticking!!

Hello all..!!!!

As some of you know I have been working on a way to get us home since the Prof seems to be content on settling in here is the middle of eastern europe with his online girlfriend and the crazy book. I think he has given up. But not this gamer and theatre fan boy!!! I have plenty more curtain speeches to do and many more audition rejection notices to receive!!

So now I revel to you my big plan. After much trial and error I Have found out that the passages in the back of the crazy book are real honest to goodness magic spells. I have been practicing with them when I can. I have found one that I think will get us home prof willing or not.

Now I just have to find the ingredients. that is my goal for the day. I am coming down from the mountain and into town in a Grinch like fashion to find the stuff I need for the spell. I have had a bit of a hard time translating the list from old German to English so I hope luck will be a lady with me!!!

will report by the end of the week!!


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