Monday, February 26, 2007

Some news from the home front...

Hi all!

Sorry we have been so remiss on posting, but since the Prof has my laptop most of the time trying to find out which way we are heading it's hard for me to find time.

I did recieve an email from my Mom. she is happy I am ok and she read that Makeshift has announced it's shows for next year! I wanted to be the one to first announce it to the public so this is my chance. I even emailed Mr. Leggett to make sure the information was correct!!

So I can say with out hesitation that our 3 childrens shows for next year will be:


PUSS IN BOOTS by Noah Smith
CINDERELLA by Jack Neary
RAPUNZEL by Noah Smith

I am so very excited!!! I am now more than ever to find us a way home. The Prof was ready to settle down! He even said that we might never be able to get home again because we lost our passports back when Litmonger started drooling all over him in that bar. He made me pack up so quick I only grabbed our fake ones. UGH!

If I'm right about what I have discovered in the back of the book I may have found a way to get us home yet!

With any luck i will be back in time for SLEEPING BEAUTY!


Inter with a plan

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