Monday, February 05, 2007

The more ya read the more ya know....

Hi Team!

Nero the hero here. We have gone back to using our real names when we are in private after that very close call in the fishing village. It makes us (meaning me) feel a bit safer. I thought the Prof was going to have another breakdown like he did in China when Litmonger left. He kept mumbling "... so big ... so big ... " I though I was going to have to turn us in just to get him some help. A few times I have asked him what it was they talked about during their brief conversation, but when I do he just looks at me with this blank empty stare. I finally got him to snap out of it a bit by letting him navigate. I know, I know that might not be the best decision in the world, but if it gets him to come around so much the better. I really don't think we could end up anywhere worse than where we are right now, and I don't even know where that is.

Since Prof. Happ is just outside the cave (don't ask, I let him navigate remember?) with my compass, map, and flashlight I have decided to take a look at the thing that has gotten us into so much trouble. The Grim book...if you get my double meaning. HAHA GRIM BOOK... I am so funny. It was pretty amazing that the Prof even let it out of reach at all. The first thing I have noticed is that there are hardly any pictures in it at all. What kind of children's book has no pictures?!?! Also, the whole thing is in German! Now this may be just my opinion, but I think they would have gotten more mileage out of it by printing it in English. I have picked up a bit of German while we were there but most of it is not suitable for a public blog. That being said, I do not understand much of what's going on in the stories. I did however find an interesting section in the back of the book. It's called:


I believe it translates to The Scrolls of Maggie. It must be one of the more unknown fables. Especially since I have never heard of it. So I have been sitting here trying to decipher the beginning of the story but it does not make any sense at all. The only thing I seem to understand is a warning. Well, Duh a lot of fables start off with warnings.

iuwbfiouh2klep'grvndfblnadl nbbbn ;kfbv ......HOLY COW!

Woah. So, I just tried reading the first paragraph out loud to see if that helped and there was this big flash of light outside the cave and the Prof. came running in side wacking at the back of his pants which were smoking. I threw my vitamin water on him to help him put it out. I asked him what happened and he said he he didn't know but the back of his pants had caught fire. I asked him if he had the lighter in his back pocket again because we know what happened last time he forgot where he placed the lighter. He just got a little irate and went back out side... Well that was odd. I better go out there and make sure he does not go back into the comatose state he has been in. I will take another crack at translating The Scrolls of Maggie Later. I don't think I will tell the Prof and surprise him with the translation when we get home.

An intern/hero's job is never done.

Inter/hero/master translator

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Pamela Moore said...

Be sure to have a radler (half beer, half lemonade - means "bicyclist") while you're in Germany.