Monday, September 20, 2010

Welcome to a New Season!

Greeting Friends and Neighbors!

Well it's been a while but boy do we sure have some exciting news for you! I hope you all enjoyed your summer and are looking forward to a beautiful Autumn here in Boston. I for one plan to get some apple picking in soon!

But before we load up on tangy Cortlands and sweet Red Delicious, I'm sure you'd like to hear a bit about all the exciting things that have been happening in the last few months.

Our very own amazing Kristin Boucher has sent us a brand spanking new poster for our season opener, The Princess and the Pea, adapted by our long time friend, Noah Smith. Now this is an exciting show folks, and our friend Caitlin Stewart-Swift returns to direct. Caitlin previously directed two of my favorite shows, Hansel & Gretel as well as last season's Emperor's New Clothes.

Familiar faces: Matt Arnold (Sleeping Beauty), Michael Riffle (Robin Hood), Jesica Corbo (Alice in Wonderland), Tim  Fairley (Emperor's New Clothes) and Victoria Townsend (Emperor's New Clothes) are joined by brand new cast members Danika Wood, Meghan Kenny, Jessica Barstis, and Tim O'Connor in this all new tale of humor, romance, peas and princesses!

Performances are  October 2nd at Riverside Theatre Works in Hyde Park; and October 17th and 23rd at the Regent Theatre in Arlington. For times and Tickets please visit our web site!

But that's not all, friends! We have a whole new season lined up for you, including a brand new adventure, Treaure Island this winter! Pirates! Treaure! Peg Legs! X Marks the Spot in this thrilling tale of adventure and buckle swashing!

And don't forget! This spring, the world renound Misdirected Theatre Company returns with their thrilling sequel to Robin Hood. Ozzie, Larry, Cynthia, Jason and Margaret return to bring us Jack Neary's beautiful tale of a very Ugly Duckling.

Whew! That's a lot of new stuff, isn't it? I know what you're saying, they can't possibly have anything MORE exciting than Pirates and Ducks and a Princess with a Perpetually Persnickity Pea Problem.

Well, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Yes there's a rumor bouncing around the Makeshift Offices and this time it has nothing to do with Nero's obsession with calling everyone "His Precious" since Lord of the Rings Online went Free-to-Play the other day.

Would you like a hint? I'm sure you would. I'm not really supposed to say anything because it's still being designed....

But... Since you've been such wonderful friends of Makeshift for so many years. I'll give you a sneek peek:

There's a BRAND NEW WEB SITE on it's way!!!

It's still being developed, but as you can see, we at Makeshift are very excited about this season. Come join us for what is sure to be a thrilling and amazing new season of adventure!

Hope to see you there!!!

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