Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy birthday to Artūrs Žoltoks & Martin Klingáčik. Who are they you ask?? …. Them is us!! They are we!!!

Since we have another new set of identies, and this time they are official (well, the guy in the car with the funny accent and smell said they were official) I convinced the Prof. that we should celebrate birthdays. I figured that since we were missing the opening of RUMELSTILTSKIN we should at least be able to celebrate something. So after we delivered the “brown Jelly beans”…ech, I showered for like 2 days! I found us a nice pub near where we are in Liepāja to have a celebratory libation or two. I tried the local favorite and the Professor had his usually Shirley Temple. In the middle of this marry making who should storm into the pub but Eve Litmonger and a few of her storm troopers. I kid you not, as soon as I saw her I spit up some of my drink right over professor Happ, and I swear I could hear Darth Vader’s theme in the background.

How could she have gotten this close?!?!? It’s my own fault. I was so disturbed by the thought of what was in the icebox that I stopped keeping track of the Interpol website and her movements. So, there we were face to face, the hunter and the hunted. Our only saving grace is the facial hair we have grown to fit in with the local fisherman, and the fact that they did not have clear pictures of me from the library incident.

The professor had never seen her in person before. I had that incident outside of Minsk where I was almost caught and will never feel comfortable around womens shoes again. She is easily double the Prof.’s size. Neither of us knew quiet what to do. She began showing that distorted picture of me from the library around to the patrons while her personal guard stood by the door.

She finally came around to us. I turned around to fiddle with the birthday balloons tied to the bar. But the Prof. was dumbstruck and looked her right in the eyes. She showed him the picture and spoke something in German. The Prof. didn’t say anything at first. I had to deliver a swift kick to the shin to restart him. Finally he started speaking. I am not sure what they talked about, but she smiled a very scary smile and looked at me and slapped me on the back, which about knocked me over the bar and turned to head out. The Prof turned back to me and I thought he was about to cry. Suddenly she came back over and adjusted the prof’s backpack and said his book (THE BOOK) was about to fall out and put it back in and zipped it up for him. The Prof. was frozen so I turned and said thank you in German, the only phrase I could remember, and then she looked the prof. up and down one more time gave him her card and left.

Needless to say we are on the move again. They do not come any closer than that dear friends. Still, I wonder what her and the professor Happ chatted about, and why did she give him her number? He refuses to talk about it.

I am glad the opening of the show went well!!! I miss all of you and should be home as soon as we put some distance between us and Litmonger!!

Incognito Nero
Intern/man on the run

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Pamela Moore said...

Maybe the Professor has a hot date with Vader!