Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Men on the run.......

Hi all,

This has been a harrowing week and it does not look like w will be getting back to the states anytime soon. If you see our pictures on milk cartons don't worry we are ok, if you see are pictures on wanted posters then we might need some help.

It turns out that Europe has an international police force that focus's on Library theft. Who knew?!?! I have learned from the the police scanner that I, uh...., borrowed, that we have one of the biggest names in interpol book theft on our tail. Her name is Detective Inga Litmonger, or as I have taken to calling her Darth-Inga the Destroyer. The Prof considers her his new nemisis.

This lady is scary, cruel, and down right persistent. We have more than one narrow escape, and we have not stayed in the same place for more than one night. Each morning The Profesor Happ points to a different spot on the map and says we go there. Then just looks at me to lead the way and make the travel plans while he disappears in the book that got us into this mess in the first place. At this point I have no idea where we are... Speaking of the Prof...he seems to be getting more and more paranoid.

I wish I was home. They have started rehearsals for Rumpelstiltskin which open next month, and I don't know what they will do without me!!

Fugitive/Homesick/Tired of staying in scary hostels...

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