Wednesday, December 13, 2006

No rest for the wicked...

Yes I said wicked.

Why did I listen to our so called "Professor." I should have known better! My Mother raised me better. Since I did his bidding like an unwitting Anakin to his pretentious Emperor there has been nothing but trouble. This is SO much worse than our trip to China. That was just the tip of the ice-burg that sunk the Titanic and I just want to let go. I am not happy.

So now we are in (CENSORED) and staying in some one's barn. They must have a wireless connection in the house because I was able to log on to the net. Since we have another short period of down time I have been doing a little background check on one Professor P. Happ and his so called degrees. I did a bit of investigating on line and I have come across some information that leads me to doubt some of the Prof's claims. I will have more information on this later. He keeps snagging my laptop to look up information on the story of RUMPELSTILTSKIN. It's all his fault that I won't be there for the show, and that I missed Thanksgiving, and now it looks like I will miss my first Christmas ever!! GRRRR!

Every once in a while I get a treat though. For instance since we are currently staying in a barn in (CENSORED) we are having to share the space with some farm type critters. Namely there are 2 cows. I have named Ethel and Merman. We have been hiding out here for a few days and every once in a while the house dwellers come out to throw some hay around but we have been able to stay out of sight. Last night the Prof. was eyeing Ethel in an odd way and he asked me if she was a cow? I told him yes and they say MOOOOO can you say MOOOO Prof.? He game me his usually dirty look and went back to eyeing her. He has not been able to sleep much and he gets really weird when he does not sleep. Finally, with out even looking at me he asks me to get him a glass of milk. I said "OK Professor right after I make some cookies aperate, and the Chickens outside tap dance to MMM BOP by Hanson." The humor of that must have been lost on him because he just turned to look at me with his blank stare. "No, NOOOOOO WAY." I said. There was no way I was going to go near the business end of Ethel she is a meanie. Merman maybe, but only if I was very, VERY desperate and had the biggest bowl of Fruity Pebbles ever waiting for me. I tell him he is on his own with this one. He whined for a bit and asked what kind of Squire was I? I told him I was the bitten, bruised, missing Christmas kind that was going no where near Ethel. He used a few more big words and waited a bit and when he realized I had no clue as to what he said he grumbled and grabbed his water bottle and headed towards Ethel.

Not only was it obvious that he didn't know what he was doing he didn't even to bother warming his hands first. As soon as he reached for the, uh...dispensers, yeah... she jumped and he freaked. He went to stand up but lost his footing and stumbled backwards into Merman. She flicked her tail at him to soo him away and he said something about open rebellion and jerked around and fell back wards in to a yuck pile of you know what. It's been 3 hours since that little scene and he still refuses to talk to me. I really tried not to laugh...really I did. Oh well.

By this weekend we should be near Latveria where Dr. Doom is from!! I am very excited because I didn't know it was a real place. I wonder if they will have tours like the one you can take in NY where they show you where the Baxter building should be and Peter Parker's Apartment. The Prof tell me I am pronouncing it wrong but what does he know, he has never read a comic in his life.

Wish us luck friends,


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Pamela Moore said...

For a few hundred dollars you can get a life experience diploma via the internet. Perhaps you can spend your Xmas money (if not used on bail) to get a bigger and more impressive degree than the Professor boasts.

Shuffle off to mmm bob Buffalo!