Sunday, July 16, 2006

On the road to the Regent....

So heaven help me we are still in China. CHINA PEOPLE! I kept telling him the story took place in Arabia. But Nooooo... the Professor knows best. Hrumph.

I have to be back in Arlington this Saturday morning for the ALADDIN performance!! The one time they let me be in a play and I have to get dragged to the other side of the world to tote this guys junk. And I mean aaallll his junk! All he has carried is his purse, excuse me "man bag."

The day after that entry he says "we travel west." So he gets about four paces ahead of me when I stop him, turn him around, and explain that west is thataway. I didn't lose his compass. I took it because he was constantly reading it wrong. This guy could get lost in a closet. And I know closets. So we head off. His idea not mine. I wanted to head to Shang-hi and book passage on a ship or something, but no he said something about a suprise and totally refused the idea. I like suprises!!

So, we have been traveling west for the past two days and now we are standing in front of this wall. A really big wall. Now, when i say really big I mean A FRICKEN GI-NORMOUS WALL!!! I took the pic bellow so my Mom would believe me!!

I looked at the professor and told him I bet suprises arn't looking so bad now huh. Again, he just stared at me for a while and said we will go around it. I told him if I missed the warm-ups before the show there would be heck to pay!! I even started to recite my lines for him. All eight of them over and over again. So we went on like this for a while; wall, lines, more wall, lines, even more wall, lines, something flying through the air and hitting me in the head. When I came to, professor Happ said it must have been a bird or something. I have my doubts.

So here we are camped at the foot of this wall of walls. It's a good thing I packed my laptop. Thanks to my GPS satilite hookup I am able to post this and ask the Makeshift home office for help. Plus I hit level 45 necromancer in wow while the professor was sleeping....and after getting that wicker thing off my fingers. They should put warning labels on those things!

They assured me we would be back home in time for the show on Saturday. I mean I never get to be in the shows. Thanks to an audiance member with a flash camera the actor playing the King took a stage dive and sprained his head or something. Good thing I had memorized the whole show!! it would have been embarassing if the princess had taken the fall...but beggers can't be choosers.

I had better go wake the Prof now. I think I see a car coming. See all of you Saturday morning. Unless the professor starts giving directions again.

Intern/Production Assistant/Sherpa/45th LV Necromancer

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