Friday, August 04, 2006

We have been on vacation......

So, with the makeshift season on a break I finally succeeded in getting the Prof. out of the library and out into the real world. I figure if he getis more practice then we won't run into problems like we had in China.

I did learn how to use chop sticks on that outing. Well, almost. I did flip something on to Prof, Happ's plate and he said we were done and asked for the check.

Mr. Rhodes the artistic director and Mr. Leggett the Co. Manager of MTC have already been trying to find ways of getting us out of the office. Desperately so it seems. I am sure another adventure is not far off.

So in the mean time I am copying scripts for the upcoming SNOW WHITE! I am very excited.

Check back soon. Mr. Rhodes just called the Prof. into his office.

Production Assist/Intern
Makeshift Theatre Co.

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