Sunday, July 16, 2006

Has everyone gone to crazy town?!?!?

Ok, get this, I get to work and they say "Nero, come here we have someone we wnat you to meet..." I think, I am not falling for that one again. Luke Skywalker is not a real person and he is not in the tool closet. I was locked in there for 3 hours tyhe last time till I grabbed a screw gun and took the hinges off the door. Then I got in trouble for not putting the door back on. Fool me thrice shame on you, fool me 10 times ... Dr. Who is not real either ... shame on me.

So, I am introduced to this proff dude, uh, Happ...Proffessor Happ. Heaven forbid you call him "Mr." because he went on for hours about grad school and how he did not spend years attending comunity college to be called "Mr." Like I have never been to college. I may be just and intern and production assistant here at Makeshift, but I am on the 8th year of my undergraduate degree. I even plan to select a major soon, so take that Mr. proffey britches!!!

After the introductions comes the news. I have to work with this guy. Are you kidding me?!?! He says he is a dramaturdist ... or somethingt like that. wait.... dramaturgist. Sorry ... "A Field Dramaturgist!" He went on about the adventures we would have and said something about me being a messengerboy and a page. First off I told him that my name is Nero, and that Page is a girls name so, get that right! "The Proffesor" started talking about adventures in the field and long travels, blah, blah, blah ... I swear that guy does not breath when you get him going. I didn't have the heart to tell him I didn't understand half the words he was using.

When he is finally done I tell him that I will have to ask my Mom if that is ok because she gets nervous when I stay overnight anywhere. Now he is just staring at me for what seems like forever. The he asks how old I am. 30. And he just walks away. HE WALKS AWAY! Mom is not going to like this guy, uh-uh, not one bit.

So after the powers that be talk to him in the office for a bit he comes back and says it's ok If I ask my mom. So now it looks like I will be helping this new guy out. I hope they pay me this time, or at least not make me pay to get in the building from now on. He keeps telling me to pack light. I know our next show is SNOW WHITE. So i hope we are going to Disney World. Well, I hope I get to go to Disney world. Either way I am packing my playstation, and my lap top, wow, the trilogy, my psp....

production assistant
sherpa (what does this mean?)

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