Sunday, August 05, 2007

Scared Hit-less 12 Spider-Pigs 9

Hi friends!

It was wiffle ball weekend yet again! For those of you who missed here are the highlights. The Spider-Pigs lost to Scared Hit-less 12-9 in this high scoring struggle between to power hitting teams. There were 2 in the park home runs by John "plastic killer" Sanzi and Allan "The One handed wonder."

Team captains were John Sanzi and Emily Brown. Mr. Sanzi is Makeshifts consigliere and this was his wiffle ball debut, and what a debut it was! Emily brown was finally out of injured reserve, having been previously reduced to mere umpire-dom because of a bum ankle, but yesterday she was ready to play in spite of the blistering heat. Here she is at first base ready for action.

The Spider-Pigs came out strong in the first two innings in this 6 inning game. However, after a change in pitchers the tide quickly turned in favor of Scared Hit-Less. Victoria "The Vixen" Welch, the blond bomber from Vermont, made a strong showing in this game. Here she is coming down the third baseline headed for home in a 2 run dinger by Allan.

The MVP for the day has to go to Matt Arnold for the multiple times he sacrificed his body for the game. In this interns mind he earned the title for the play at second where he dove head first for the base and ended up in the outfield still clutching the base in his brave, but slightly sore hands. Mr. Arnold we salute you!!!We also set a record for people hit by pitches and number of balls thrown in a single game. Here Allan stares down the ball as it heads straight for his face. His new bride, our own Sleeping Beauty Julia Bingham, looks on in the back ground.Post game consisted of smoothies and watermelon. See you again in 2 weeks!



Pamela Moore said...

This looks like it was tons of fun.

Nero said...

We are crazy like that... woo-hoo