Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jack is off and running...

Hi all,

As you can see by the previous post we have officially begun work on or 07/08 season. WOOT!

Jack and the Beanstalk is our first production of the season. It's adapted by Noah Smith who is a friend of Mr. Rhodes and a playwright and teacher current living in Los Angeles.

We have posted the audition notices and have already receive responses. We have also begun work on the production side, which most people never see. Yesterday the production team (director, Lighting designer, sound designer, costume designer, production manager, and artistic director) met for the first time and laid out plans for the look of the show, the schedule, and budgets. I don't think most people know that work on these shows begins well before we even cast the actors. As of this date our production countdown has begun, we have 57 days before Jack and the Beanstalk opens.

Jonothan Overby is directing this time out. Here he is looking at costume ideas and sketches with the one and only Deb Shea, and production manager Emily Brown. We are excited to have some new people joining us this season on the tech side. We have Josh Staines, who ran sound for us on (abridged), will be designing sound and running the sound board for Jack. We also have Margaret Hodes joining us as lighting designer and board op, this will be Margaret's first time working with us here at Makeshift and we are pretty dern excited.

Which brings me to a sad sad bit of news. Makeshift's own Mollie McKenzie will not be back in the booth this season. Ms. Mollie has excepted an offer from the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in North Adams, Ma to tech and teach. Yea! for Mollie... boo! for us. We wish her the best of luck.

We miss you Ms. Mollie!!!!


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Mollie MacKenzie said...

aaaw. Thanks for the Well wishes!

I'm not teachign anything at Mass MoCA, just teching and doing intern slave labor (it's awesome though).. =)
Miss you all! I hope the season kicks butt!