Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sweat and celebrating...

Yes, yes... two posts in one week. What am I thinking?!?!?!

It was a hot, hot day friends. It did rain late in the afternoon but the days festivities came off great. I personally want to give big kudos to Ms. MB, Mr. Paul Ezzy, Mr. Matt Arnold, and Ms. Laureen Evans for doing such a great job. We had people visit the promo table asking where they could get a copy of the script or how to contact the author. Most of these were teachers wanting to use it in their classrooms! Way to go Mr. Libby (who wrote the sketch)!

Speaking of the promo table Ms. Em did a great job of greeting and chatting up all the people who stopped in for information. Pictured here are Ms. MB who played Juliet, are own Mr. Overby who took time out of his busy schedule to come down help, and Ms. Em.

We also have some awesome new cards that have our logo on one side and a list of all our shows for the upcoming season on the other. Mr. Rhodes has been having back problems and was fighting a cold, but he made it through. I took this pic of him with Shakespeare, but I sooooo had to talk him into it. I had to promise him some of my mom's homemade cornbread. He survived the day because Dunken Doughnuts is now serving sweet tea. I believe he had two of them and he kept muttering God bless sweat tea. He is from the south so I sometimes do not understand him at all.

I would have taken more pictures but I had forgot to put extra batteries in the camera bag. I wanted to go and get some but I had to help set up the props and help the actors go through their lines before hand. I had just enough juice to snap these. : (

All in all it was a great day. We were hanging with some local theatrical big wigs and we held our own. Some people even asked if we would be back next year! WOOT!


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