Monday, July 09, 2007

Soooooooo much going on...

Hello out there!

Sorry I missed last week. We were very busy with Complete Works! Plus Mr. Rhodes gave me a bit of a vacation and I jumped at the chance to get in some serious gaming and see Transformers! Sooo cool!

We have been getting some great feed back from Complete Works! Our audience the night of the 30 was crazy. Just look at these people!

I will have put more Complete Works pics up on ye ole Myspace page. I will post some here soon!

We have just one more weekend of Complete Works and our third season is finished. Wow! Time is flying by. Mr. Rhodes and Ms. Waldron have already started marketing plans for next season.

We also got an invitation to perform on Boston Common for the opening day of Shakespeare On The Common. Mr. Rhodes is trying to make sure that happens. It would be a great event for us with so many other theatre companies around town being involved! Cross your fingers!


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Pamela Moore said...

This is awesome! I wonder what the next season will hold.