Thursday, May 24, 2007

Home and excited...

Friends and neighbors you will be happy to know that I am HOME!!! My mother was thrilled! she made me 2, count'em, 2 lemon merange pies!!! No more living on grass and gross exotic foods for this kid.

Once all the mush and stuff with my Mom was finished I proceeded to my room to hang my trip trophies on my wall. Once I had them all arraigned and in place I stood back and reflected on what a crazy, crazy winter it has been. I looked at my false travel papers, The magic spell I wrote down from the book, the newspaper clipping form the library break in, and a few other things. I have not heard form the Prof.. I hope he is well.

I did get here in time to get some pictures of Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Leggett, and Mr. Overby studying for the new show! Let me tell you these guys know what they are doing... Just look at their expressions. So, deep in thought.
I felt a little uncomfortable with the way Mr. Overby was looking at me, but Mr. Rhodes assured me that he was just teasing me because he missed me. after the photo Mr. Legget said something about the book making more sense in it's original Klingon. I didn't have the heart to tell them the book was upside down.

Ok, I have some catching up to do and my Mom won't let me out of the house for too long. Will post more pics of the show as it progresses. Word is that we will be doing a street fair in a week or so! I will bring my trusty world traveled camera.


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Pamela Moore said...

I think that's a special "welcome home, sailor" look he's giving you.