Monday, May 14, 2007

Almost home...


After a sea journey and spending most of the winter stuck in Germany with a psychotic dramaturge I am back on American soil. Now all I have to do is find my way back to Boston, The Red Sox and Makeshift Theatre's first full length production!!! I even called Mr. Rhodes and told him I would be back soon! At first he said "Nero who?" "Is that your first name, or last name?" I was able to jog his memory and he seemed happy that I would be home soon. Well, his exact words were "bring doughnuts when you get here." I am taking that as a full -Welcome back to the staff-

I am very excited about being back for our first non-children's show. In just a few weeks we will be presenting The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)! I am bursting at the seams for this!!

Ok guys I am off to find a ride north! See you all soon!


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