Monday, April 05, 2010

Conversations with Some Merry Men (Day One)

As many of you know, this year has marked our fifth season here at Makeshift Theatre Co. And to celebrate we've been taking time to sit down with the cast and crew of some of our most recent family shows. This Month sees the return of the show that started it all: Robin Hood. And as part of the celebration of this wonderful show, we are once again chatting with the cast and crew.

Today I'm sitting down with Jon Ryan, a newcomer to the Makeshift family. A graduate of Emerson College's Theatre Studies program he occupies his time as a fight choreographer for student and independent films. Prior to Robin Hood, he was last seen in the New England premier of five short plays by NY playwright Jeff Belanger, put on by the newly formed Rough Week Theater Co.

So, within the play you take on a couple of roles, including the dashing Robin Hood. But audiences new to Jack Neary's intriguing adaptation will initially see you as a completely unlikely character, a UPS delivery driver named Warren. Tell us a bit about him.
Warren is just you're average blue (or in this case, brown) collar Joe who's settled in pretty nicely with the simple and kind of mundane nature of his work with UPS - which is why I like him even more once he's thrust into the middle of the Misdirected production- theater folks, even the tecchies are used to all the crazy shenanigans that ensue during a run, but for Warren it's all terrifyingly new... and kinda fun.

What do you think audiences will really connect with in this adaptation?
I think audiences with enjoy their ability to relate to regular folks being thrust into obscure roles to put on a show for kids- isn't that what parenting is all about, anyway?

Artistic Director, Andrew Rhodes returns to the director's chair for this outing; what was it like working with him?
I've worked with a bunch of directors, and while they've all been nice, I really enjoy how laid back Andy is about the process- it's more about having fun for the audience and cast than anything else.

The Misdirected Theatre Company series was created by renoun local author, Jack Neary. What attracted you to his style of writing?
I think Jack's ability to maintain the narrative of Robin Hood itself while still keeping that "real world" sensibility is where his writing really works best.

Makeshift shows have a very high energy level. how do you keep your energy levels up?
Hopefully you're doing a good enough job that the audience has high energy too, and you sort of feed off one another.

If you had one piece of advice or encouragement to give to any child thinking of getting into theatre, what would it be?
If Nicholas Cage can make it, so can you.

The Misdirected Theatre Company Presents: Robin Hood! is performing throughout April. Visit for more information!

The Regent Theatre
Arlington, MA
April 11th at 2pm
The NextDoor Theatre
Winchester, MA
Shows Spring vacation week!!
April 21st at 10am & 2pm
April 25th at 10am

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