Friday, February 05, 2010

Interview with an Actor (Day Six)

One of the great things about Makeshift is that we consistently get to work with a wonderful group of vibrant and exciting actors each of whom has a passion for entertaining audiences young and old alike. We consider ourselves a family, and while we have many actors that come and go throughout our seasons, we do have close friends that return season after season to entertain and inspire young audiences. As part of our Anniversary season, many faces of Makeshift old and new are happy to offer their own personal thoughts and memories about their experiences in theatre. For the Previous Update, click Here!

Today I'm sitting down with two newcomers to the Makeshift Stage. Kaili Turner and Gavin Killea. Both have joined the cast of Emperor's New Clothes to portray remarkably different characters. Gavin portrays the love struck Prince Comberbun-Jodphers, while Kaili is a frazzled mother, with a very very busy schedule.

Kaili and Gavin, this is your first show with Makeshift Theatre Co. How has the experience been?
KT: I'm very excited to be a part of it and to be doing a childrens show. This is also my first ever childrens show and I'm really enjoying myself.

GK:  I'm excited to be working with such a great cast. Sometimes it's hard to keep the energy up, but the Director is great at getting us amped up before rehearsals, and making sure we stay energized throughout

Kaili, your role is somewhat unique in ENC in that it has a lot of fun playing with The Fourth Wall. What do you like most about your character?

KT: I like that my character is Bossy and always interrupting things. She's very self-centered and thinks things should revolve around her and the schedule she's made for her daughter.

Gavin, as the Prince,  what do you think families should take away from Emperor's New Clothes?
GK: I love the show, and the lesson learned by the Emperor about how there are more important things than clothes and looking good. Even though Johnny and Suzie play a mean prank to get the point across it's an important message.

What's the most difficult thing you've ever had to do as an actor?
KT: I think the most difficult thing for any actor is trying to create authentic experiences for the audience. Suspending your disbelief and asking the audience to do the same. I think also depending on the character, character development can be hard. If you have someone who is in no way like yourself or believes/wants things that you yourself don't. It becomes a challenge in creating that and making it feel real. I want anyone who sees me in the moment to be in the moment with me.

The Emperor's New Clothes Opens Tomorrow! Visit our Website for More Details!

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