Monday, January 25, 2010

Interview with an Actor (Day One)

One of the great things about Makeshift is that we consistently get to work with a wonderful group of vibrant and exciting actors each of whom has a passion for entertaining audiences young and old alike. We consider ourselves a family, and while we have many actors that come and go throughout our seasons, we do have close friends that return season after season to entertain and inspire young audiences. As part of our Anniversary season, many faces of Makeshift old and new are happy to offer their own personal thoughts and memories about their experiences in theatre.

Jesica Corbo first appeared on the Makeshift Stage last season, as The White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, and returned as one of the Step-Sisters in Cinderella. She joins us again as a fashion model, displaying the latest in high fashion in the Emperor's New Clothes. She took a few moments to sit down with me earlier to talk about the show.

Makeshfit shows require a very high level of energy. How do you keep your energy levels up?
As a cast, we dance around and do all kinds of funny warm up games which gets us started. Once we get out on stage, the audience is there to see our show so we get super excited to see crowd full of people ready to laugh (we laugh at it all the time in rehearsal, so we hope you do too)- Add in a splash of coffee- Which is yucky for kids but great for adults- and it's a recipe for success.

What is your favorite children's story and why?
My favorite children's story is Leo the Lop. It's similar to the story of the Ugly Duckling. Leo is a bunny who has big floppy ears while the other bunnies have ears that stood straight up in the air. The other bunnies think he was a silly looking bunny so he tried everything to prop his ears up so the other bunnies wouldn't make fun of him. Eventually though, Leo realizes that his ears are perfect just the way they are, and trying to look like the other bunnies is silly because he is great just the way he is. I always loved this story because Leo really was the cutest bunny and I am glad he realized that there's nothing special about trying to be like everyone else.

What do you think families should take away from Emperor's New Clothes?
I believe that all of the characters in this story are really good people at heart. They have just forgotten what is really important in life (Except Rags, he knew all along!!) Once they snap out of it and realize they should be caring more about the important people in their lives, not just themselves, they are happier then they were when all they were trying to do was make themselves happy. Imagine that.

What advice would you give to kids who want to be actors?
You got to be strong and remember that it's going to be a lot of work, but if you couldn't see yourself doing anything else and being happy, do it. If you feel that way about it and you don't let anything stop you, you will have a great career in theatre. Remember though, you're gonna need a day job :).

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