Saturday, September 12, 2009

5th season under way...

Hey Guys and Dolls! We are off and running...

We may have lost our home for the past 4 years but we are pressing forward. Mr. Rhodes assures me he has some serious plans for Makeshift this coming year. In the mean time we are happy and thrilled to be making our first appearance at the NextDoor Theatre in Winchester this season!! We will also be back at out other favorite regular venue The Regent Theatre in Arlington!!!

We have 3 shows for you this season starting with RAPUNZEL in October!

We will then be taking a break over the winter and getting some of our ducks in a row, but will be back in February with THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES, and in April we will be back with one of our most favorite shows... ROBIN HOOD!!!

Keep Checking back for more information... now I have to get back to the capitol waste land


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