Monday, December 03, 2007

Who is excited about Wonderland...

Sorry it's been a while but there have been a few things going on. Mr. Rhodes had surgery so we were all making sure he was doing well. The good news is while he was on the drugs the day after I talked him into ordering the new lap top which should be here this week!!!! that means more video! I know you are excited!

Tomorrow is the first day of Alice auditions. We have around 50 people auditioning for Alice in Wonderland and we are very excited. That's a big audition! I may swing by and take some pictures.

In the mean time I better get back to making my Christmas shopping list.

I hope all of you have been nice!

OH, and Mr. Rhodes is fine, although he is wondering why on Earth he bought the new laptop. hahah SHHHHHH! That's our secret.


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